Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mr. & Mrs.

I found the one my heart loves.
Song of Solomon 3:4

Mr. and Mrs...These words make us think naturally of marriage. I first of all think of my own marriage, of course. Lately however, I also think of a wedding that will taking place in 18 days.(yikes, that's soon!!!) This wedding will make my daughter a Mrs; Mrs. Klingsheim to be exact.

Last weekend Ashley's amazing maid of honor (my other daughter, Abby) and her amazing personal attendant (Lindsey) threw Ashley a bridal shower for all her college and Bemidji friends. I was sad to not be able to attend, but have enjoyed hearing the stories and seeing the pictures. This is one of those days that I pray Ashley is treasuring in her heart.

Ashley and Lindsey
Ashley and Abby
The winners of the Project Runway/Cupcake Wars/Say Yes to the Dress cookie decorating contest.

Ashley opening her present from Abby and I.

To celebrate the unique bonds of Mr. and Mrs; Dayspring has put together some amazing products. The call it simply enough the Mr. and Mrs. Collection. This past month I was blessed to receive some of this collection and have been not only enjoying it myself, but sharing it with my soon-to-be-a-Mrs daughter. In the picture above you can see her looking through the coupon book, there are some good coupons in there!!

This is all she received in her package.

I have to say, I love being able to celebrate being a Mrs. and I would do it even if Dayspring didn't create these fun items. But these items make it a bit more fun and exciting. I received the above package from Dayspring for free to review, but there are a few of their products I bought on my own because I loved the fun that came with them. I have a secret stash of love notes for my Mr; on occasion I will pull one out and leave in a fun place for him to find. I also gave him the Mr. & Mrs. Journal at Christmas. It is a special book that we have already filled with many special notes meant only for our own eyes. I just love finding that book with the Mr. side facing up. That means my man has taken some time to write a note just for me. My heart beats a little faster and  a smile creeps across my face every time! When Brian and I were dating (back in the ancient days before texting or emails) we wrote actual letters to ease the pain of the 700 miles separating us. This journal takes me back to those days, there really is nothing as special as a hand-written note, and now we will have a book full of those notes to read anytime we desire!!

You don't need a special day to celebrate with your Mr. or Mrs. All you need is love and just a bit of creativity and fun to show them how special they are. Every day should be Valentine's Day, every day we should be thankful to God for the love He has sent us, every day we should tell or show our sweetie just how much we love them!!!

*In exchange for this review Dayspring sent me the Mr. and Mrs. Collection for free. All opinions on its awesomeness are mine! 


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