Monday, October 24, 2011

Undermining God's creation...

Satan is crafty; from the very beginning he was deceiving and tricking man. As time has passed he has had to change strategies, but his goal is always the same; to move man away from God. He started out in the Garden by deceiving Eve, and he's been busy deceiving man ever since!

One of Satan's more recent approaches has been to attack the family. He gained some ground with this war, families are all so busy now, both parents are working, kids are in every activity imaginable, divorce is rampant, and now we have gay marriage. So in defense of that many Christians have gone on the offensive, fighting off his attacks before they began. Many organizations such as Focus on the Family and Family Life were created to give families some ammunition, to learn how to be a family, how to be a husband, how to be a wife. My own husband took a job as Family Life Pastor because we have a passion for families, that they would grow closer to God and as a result closer to each other.

Lately though, I've been noticing a new area of attack. It's This attack is a bold attempt to slap God in the face, a way to get man to question their very creation. A way to make us wonder if maybe God does make mistakes.  I read an article in the Des Moines Sunday Register that got my blood boiling. I was so mad as I read this article I had to call my husband just to vent. I was surprised this was happening at all, let alone in my state. There is a college in Iowa that has been promoting and encouraging gender-free living. Gone are the days where men and women had their own dorms. Now they not only share a dorm, they share a dorm room and a bathroom. This is not about a sexual relationship, its about gender. Here is a quote from the article: "Ideally, we would live in a gender-neutral world where your sex wouldn't define you. We wouldn't be defined by our physical bodies." In fact there are new pronouns to replace he and she (because these are too gender specific), if you are a female you would be called "ze" and if you are a male you are called "hir". This is about allowing a person to choose which gender they want to be, plumbing is no longer important.

I see this as a direct attack on Genesis 1:27: 
So God created man in his own image,
   in the image of God he created him;
   male and female he created them. 
God created us male and female. He knew what He was doing. When He was finished He declared His creation to be very good. Adam didn't complain to God that He made a mistake. He accepted that he was a man. God hasn't gotten lazy or sloppy lately, when He creates us He doesn't get DNA or body parts mixed up. He knows what He is doing. We are each created with a purpose and God has a plan for each of us. We cannot begin to allow Satan to have a foothold on this issue. God created us male and female, we don't get to choose this one. We need accept who we are and follow God's guidelines for what we were created to be.

As much as I complain about the pains of being a female, I would never trade who I am. God allowed me as a woman the joy of carrying and delivering three miracles into this world. He made me to be a mother to them.

I think our first response is to pray. We need to show Satan that He cannot attack God's creation like that. We need to pray for people to see that being male and female is special and how they were born is how they need to live!! Take some time and reacquaint yourself with Genesis. It is very clear in that book that God created us male and female, lets not allow Satan to win on this one!


  1. I totally agree! How sad. Our country is slowly dying away and they see nothing wrong with it! This country isn't based on Christianity anymore... we are the minorities now..It seems to be one nation under... whatever, and you know that make the 'evil one' happy as can be!
    I continue to pray for this country, that their eyes will be opened, that they will see what they are doing. God created man and woman for a reason and in HIS image!!

    I also wanted to tell you that I gave you the 'Tell Me About Yourself' Award.
    You can go to Coming Alive in Christ for the details. :)

  2. Preach it lady! That article just made my blood boil too. I'm so glad I read the end of the book and know that our side wins!

  3. Interesting that this article would come out the same time as a Bible-based church Prairie Lakes is going to be having a campus in the same college town. Hopefully, with the same authentic, real college ministry down the line!!


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