Monday, October 10, 2011

Navigating Through Life...

I told my hubby today that I was having a brain freeze as far as an idea on what to blog about. So Brian offered to by my guest blogger today! Please make him feel welcome!

Our family finally broke down and bought a navigational system for our car.  My cell phone has this technology: I used it on a trip to Washington DC once, but it costs $9.99 per month.  When our family has gone on trips we have borrowed from friends.  Finally we decided enough is enough, we need to know where we are going.  Brenda found a great deal on line and we bought one!

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I know it goes against everything a man stands for.  We aren’t supposed to ask for directions.  But these things are really amazing.  They tell you distances, speed, where rest stops are and of course the best of all, they calculate what time you will arrive at your destination.  Amazing!  Her name?  Bonnie.  That is what Brenda decided to name her.  So I need to tell you about Bonnie.  She isn’t perfect!  The first time Brenda used her she was going to a bridal shop to potentially pick out a wedding dress for our daughter Ashley.  Pretty important destination.  Well, Bonnie took Brenda to a residential neighborhood.  The coordinates or address or something was off.  Thankfully Brenda went the day before and was able to find the real location.
If only there were such a device to help me navigate through my life!  How do I make decisions.  Where should I work? Where should I live? There are so many questions I have in life that I need help answering.  I need direction!  Well, I do have a place we can turn for clear directions.  I do have a tested and approved way to navigate through the most difficult turns of life. 
I have the Bible.  I know it seems like the Bible is a difficult book to understand.  It does take some work to figure it out.  Well, so does any GPS device.  It takes time to figure out how they work.  How to put in the coordinates, how to understand the data that this GPS device is giving to me.   When we take the time to figure out how it works it truly can guide and direct us through life.
This is so much like the Bible.  There is great direction, teaching, instruction in the pages of the Bible.  We can learn from the mistakes people have made in the past.  We have the Bible, prayer and the Holy Spirit to help us navigate through this life.  We live in a time where we need direction.  We need a true North to help guide us.  The Bible is that book God has given us to guide and direct us through difficult times.  Most people have one or many Bibles in their house.  Pick it up, read it, you will be glad you did.  If for some reason you don’t have a Bible you can read it on the computer, go to Bible Gateway. We don’t have an excuse!
If you are tired of getting lost, losing direction?  Turn to the tested and true navigational system.  The bestselling book of all time that will never give you bad directions: The Bible.

Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light for my path. 
Psalm 119:105


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