Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm a Thinker

Questions, that is something I do. I ask tons of questions. I just have this need to know and understand things. My questions can be as deep as trying to comprehend the reality of what heaven will really be like to something as simple as what does that call mean in any sport. I am always thinking and asking questions. This at times tends to make my husband a bit crazy as he always seems to be the one I am directing my questions to. I have discovered over the years that Brian does not always have all the answers. (I know it shocked me at first too!) So there are times I need to go into research mode and find the answers myself. Oh, the things I have learned along the way. We have often joked that I should write a book of my questions and their answers. I think by now I have enough to fill several books.

But you know, some questions I can't find the answers to. Some questions will remain just that, questions; at least until I enter heaven and then I believe God will answer them for me. Just last night I was pouring my heart out to God to understand why? That is the trickiest question of all, why? I'm sure many of you have had the same question, why? Why did she have to die? Why can't we get pregnant? Why am I sick? Why won't you answer me God? Why...why...why?

Scripture is where I go to find the peace I need in the midst of an unanswered why. I love the way The Message words Proverbs 3:5;

Trust God from the bottom of your heart;
   don't try to figure out everything on your own.
We may not be allowed to see the answers to our questions on this side of heaven, but God calls us to trust him from the bottom of our hearts no matter what! I have learned that if I research something too much it will drive me crazy. Sometimes I have to accept that I can't figure out everything on my own. With God by my side, I don't need the answers, I just need to trust. Will there still be times when I cry out to God for answers? Yes. Sometimes He might give me insight, and other times He will give me peace, the peace I need to make it through my current struggle! 

So maybe today I will put aside all my questions from last night and rest in the comfort of my Father's peace!!! Ah, that's better than any spa or any answer I could find on my own!!

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  1. Life is full of questions right now! I needed the reminder that God sometimes gives the insight - sometimes He just gives peace while you wait.


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