Friday, July 25, 2014

My little boy...

The past few months have been big ones for our family; our son Caleb especially. He and Brittany have been married just over a month now, he is ready for his third year of college, and he will be starting a new ministry job this weekend. Today is a big event in his life as well; today Caleb moves from those crazy teenage years to his twenties. All my kids are in their twenties and enjoying married life. Suddenly I feel a bit old...a bit sentimental...a whole lot grateful...and abundantly blessed. 

What a joy it is to be a part of this man's life. To be there when he was born, to see him take his first steps, to help him learn to read and do math, to see his love for Jesus grow, to watch him take on any challenge and do it so seriously, to hear him tell us that there was this girl he might like, to watch him fall in love, to see the tender way he loves this woman who is now his wife. Oh this list could go on and on, basically I am counting my blessings today and am extremely proud to be the mother of Caleb John Haynes. 

I love you up to the moon.
You'll always be my little boy!

Happy Birthday Caleb!!!

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