Friday, June 6, 2014

No answers...just questions. (Five Minute Friday)

Today is Five Minute Friday. A flash mob of sorts; women from all over getting together to write on the same topic, for the same amount of time; but with different results. Today's word is HANDS...

Go... first response if I have my hands. I have scars on them, I chew my nails, my fingers are short and stubby instead of long and slender.

But...then I thought about it.  Does God call me to have beautiful hands? Or does He call me to do beautiful things with my hands?

When I worship...are my fists clenched? Or do I open my hands and raise them up to worship Him?

At home...are my hands idle? Or do I use them to honor God by serving my family?

In the they play the latest game on my phone? Or do I use them to hold God's Word so I can immerse myself in it?

Do my hands reach out to others? Do I greet people with a hand shake, a pat on the back or do I simply keep my hands at my side and distance myself from people?

Do I use my hands to write an encouraging note? Or are my hands more likely to write a discouraging status on Facebook?

Do I use my hands to write out checks to tithe or give beyond that? Or are my hands writing out checks so I can have more stuff?

Are my hands part of the hands and feet of Jesus??

These are the the questions I will be pondering today!


  1. What wonderful questions to ponder concerning our hands. May God be glorified by the use of our hands as we use them to serve him and bless others.

  2. this. I ponder a lot of things as well...

    Just visiting -new to FMF - and wanted to say hello! (you're blog name caught my eye! :))


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